This Linux distribution is very Windows-like in look and feel but very Linux-like in stability and security.

While this may not seem like a huge problem, because it is being picked up as a speaker it is trying to output to 5 different speakers and no matter how I configure it, I can't get windows to output to only the two.

i went in every setting possible but it seems that the problem is that windows doesn't detect my headphones as headphones but as speakers even though they are plugged in the. I found an old pair of earbuds and plugged them in and same thing, it thinks they are also speakers and will only let 1 work at a time, the actual speakers or earbuds.

And the worst part is, not even the people at WINDOWS THEMSELVES totally understand it.

Under Playback Devices, click on "Make front and rear output devices playback two different audio streams simultaneously".

. Mar 3, 2023 · Open Start. There is no way to actually detect what kind of device is connected, the drivers simply see that something is connected.

Add volume back on the speakers, and make a test sound.

It still recognizes them as speaker and mic and not just a headset. For many, Windows is the only. Double click on Sound, video and game controllers.

The only "headset" and "mic" that it being recognized is the. Windows 10 no longer recognises speakers or headphones (but HDMI works) My speakers started cutting out, so I used the Microsoft audio troubleshooter.

My computer thinks headphones are speakers.


olapbill • 4 yr. Take the controller out of your equation.

Firstly, go into the "Control. All my drivers are up to date, sound, BT, Wireless etc.

The drivers assume any device connected to the rear/motherboard ports are speakers and any device connected to the front panel port are headphones.
Windows 10 20H2.
It might also be in the audio control panel.

I recently upgraded to Windows 10, and I noticed something was off when notification sounds from Skype.


Mostly everything is working as expected except for some very weird audio issues. windows thinks that my headphones are speakers, and uses the laptop microphone instead of my headset microphone (wont detect) anyone know a fix? This thread is. My PC keeps saying (outlous) "Did you know" and gives me a factoid every 30 minutes.

"speakers / headphones" doesn't mean it is going to your speakers and headphones at the same time. Alright. these are USB only , or using the actual line ins. Mar 19, 2017 · It being detected as speakers or headphones is not a thing. Even though there is, from what I've seen, absolutely no way to uninstall Windows Sonic, I have found a way to bypass it that worked for me. .

Headphones are always recognized as speakers.

It might also be in the audio control panel. now I can only listen to any audio through the headphones, the speakers are not working.



Type Device Manager and click on the result.

at first i updated my driver,.